Beaverscreens Franchise Ltd is a family run business, which prides itself on the quality of its service. Our one aim is to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible. To this end we are constantly assessing our methods and equipment to ensure the highest quality repairs are achieved at all times.

Therefore we are looking for like-minded people who are enthusiastic about providing the highest quality and service to their clients. Because we are a family business you will be in direct contact with both Paul and Trevor Beaver, from day one, both of us will be involved in every aspect of your start up, from your basic training, to helping you obtain your first all important clients.

We are confident that when you follow our simple methods for both the repairs and marketing you will become as successful as us.  

We started trading in 1991 with the help of a loan from the P.Y.B.T (Princes Youth Business Trust). This was not only the start of Beaverscreens but also the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship with the P.Y.B.T. In recognition of the flying start that we made we were awarded the title of Best Small Business in our region, which was presented by H.R.H Prince of Wales in person along with a cheque for five hundred pounds.

We were also awarded the title of, The Most Enterprising Young Business In The Midlands, which was presented by Thomson Local Directories along with £1,000 of free advertising in their directories.

All this means that we have a long and prestigous track record, in fact we have the longest track record of any actively recruiting franchise company in our field.

We have proven our methods and equipment over the last decade, and we are more then willing to demonstrate the quality of both product and service, by arranging for you to spend a day or more on the road in an existing area.

A small stone could damage a windscreen at any time, and until recently any such damage meant that the screen had to be replaced to make it good, which is not only costly, but also time consuming. Now the proven technology of Beaverscreens can repair the vast majority of damage from bull's-eyes and combination breaks, to short cracks and star breaks. Each repair only takes approximately twenty minutes and is permanent once complete. This restores optical clarity and strength by injecting a specially formulated resin into the breaks and setting it with UV light.

In January 1993 the department of transport decided to include the windscreen in the MOT, in the same way the headlights have been for a number of years. This means any damage over a certain size within the wiper swept area of the screen will cause the car, van or heavy goods vehicle to fail its MOT unless it is profesionally repaired beforehand. The removal of scratches caused by wiper-blades has also become far more commonplace as these will also cause a vehicle to fail it MOT.

A dashboard or internal trim on a car can be damaged in many different ways. The most common of which is the fitting and subsequent removal of car phones. This leaves small holes in the trim/dashboard which are caused by the fixings for the hand set cradle. Our equipment will allow you to repair any such damage quickly and easily restoring both the texture and the colour. Most major damage can be successfully and imperceptibly repaired using this equipment including rips and cracks. The dye that is used to recolour the trims can also be used to re-colour worn leather without having to remove the worn item from the car. Cigarette burns and small rips can also be repaired to a very high standard in velour seats, trims and carpets.

Most cars will suffer from chips and scratches in their paint work during their lifetime. Until now the only two options to remedy this were either applying touch up paint yourself, or expensive re-sprays costing around 150.00 per panel.

Now our proven methods and equipment allow a trained operator to professionally repair such damage matching the colour perfectly and leaving the paint work flat and smooth. The finished repair is imperceptible and takes approximately one hour to complete.

It is also possible to remove fine scratches from paint work a process that leaves the car looking like new this process will also restore the lustere to flat or powdery paint, an average family car takes approximately one hour to complete depending on the damage. Other repairs that the equipment enables are colour coded and textured plastics repairs, as well as alloy wheel repairs.

All of our equipment is simple and easy to use and allows the total novice, with the right training, to produce extremely high quality and profitable work from day one.

We have two different styles of very lucrative franchises on offer:

Which deals with windscreen repairs including crack and chip repairs, scratch and etch removal, headlight repairs and heated rear screen repairs, along with interior trim repair including, dashboard, smooth and textured plastic, carpet, seat and leather repair and refinishing.

Which deals with spot paint repairs, such as colour coded bumper repairs including cracks and splits, textured bumper/trim repairs, wing mirror repairs , machine polishing, scratch removal, spot stone chip repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment.

Either business can earn you well over a 1000.00 a week, after your overheads have been deducted.

We will provide the following with either franchise:

  • The most advanced equipment available
  • Enough materials to complete your training and get you started
  • 1000 personalised business cards, fly leaflets and invoices
  • A comprehensive all-inclusive two/three week training course which includes every aspect of the business including practical help and advice with accounts and sales as well as the technical aspects of doing the repairs and the use of the equipment.
  • A structured marketing plan to ensure your business suceeds
  • Access to the best support service offered by any franchise in this field
  • The largest territory offered by any franchisor in our field, which is exclusively yours for as long as you continue to promote and expand your business to the best of your ability within the territory. Each area contains more then 100 car dealers and is legally defined on an ordanance survey map and written into our legal agreement.
  • At least two days of on site help to ensure that you obtain those first all important clients without delay
  • A mail shot to all the car dealers and vehicle rental companies in your area.

Once you are operational help is still at hand. You will have open access to our training centre which will provide any additional technical or sales training you may require from time to time. We also provide a help line which allows you to run through any problems that you may be having, with someone who will have experienced the same problem and is ablt to give advice on the best course of action.

For more details contact Paul Beaver

Beaverscreen Franchise Ltd, 2 Hawthorne Street, Leicester, LE3 9FQ
Phone: 0116 253 7371 Fax: 0116 253 6929 Mobile: 07850 456696