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A New Look Pet Food

Oscar Pet Foods, the Uks leading pet food franchise, are delighted to be announcing a complete review of their outstanding pet food range.  Already well-known for delivering high nutrition food to their customers' door, Oscars have now made it even healthier for pets – and improved taste, too.

Oscar Pet Foods have always offered food combining the highest quality of natural ingredients with gluten-free diets to improve pets' wellbeing for all lifestages.  Puppy or kitten to adult and senior; all generations of our pet family.  Coats look shinier, energy levels are up and there are less of the digestive problems that can blight pets of any age at any time.

When reviewing their food, Oscars were keen to maximise nutritional benefits using ingredients that we all know should be in our own diets such as Vitamin B for energy, Vitamin D, Calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones.  Others include Vitamin B12 and Iron for the red blood cells and with additional Taurine to support the heart.  Folic acid and Omega 3 (DHA) are good for normal brain development and function, an essential for puppies.  Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E aid the immune system and there's even pre-biotics for the digestion, all make for a healthy diet.  No need to add supplements later – it's in the bag.

Oscar Pet Foods recognised the importance of making their food taste delicious.  To do this, the food has been basted in natural juices to enhance its flavour and smell to the pet family.  It has one other important benefit – it improves the smell for human noses too!

The close relationship of your pet family is important to Oscar Pet Foods.  As all food is delivered free, so each local franchisee gets to know the family well and can ensure all are happy.  To emphasise this, Oscars have redesigned the packaging to be brighter, more informative – and clearly show their commitment to the pet family by featuring actual Oscar customer pet families on all packaging and marketing materials.

Oscar Pet Foods Marketing Manager Tim Klapproth is delighted at the differences.  “Quality food and natural ingredients are of course vital to healthy pets.  But making it good to eat is not just important for the pet but reassures the rest of the family.  That's why we celebrate this special partnership  by featuring  our loyal customers on our new bags.  We can do that because we know them by name – and they know Oscar”



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